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How To View My Images In The Best Possible Light?

When I display images on the Internet it is impossible for me to know how they will look on your monitor. Factory default settings are never accurate because bright and saturated color, not accuracy, sells monitors.

At the very least it takes specialized software and time to calibrate a monitor with reasonable accuracy. For precision work additional hardware is employed to measure and adjust a monitor's output.

I use such hardware and software to ensure my images are as close to perfect as possible.

A simple tool for you to use to go part of the way to ensure your seeing what I produce is available here.

Where Am I Based?
My home base is in the southern suburbs of Brisbane, Crestmead. However distance is no obstacle, I regularly shoot in all areas of South East Queensland and Northern NSW.

Do I Do Commercial Work?
Yes. I am proficient in product shots and brochure assignments. I am also available for Website images.

Do I Do TFP?
Yes. I welcome TFP enquiries from both male and female models and actors.

What Is TFP?

TFP is an anacronym for

Time For Print
Time For Portfolio
Trade For Print
Trade For Portfolio

Commonly though, nowadays it should be called TFCD - Time For CD.

Whatever the particular phrase the letters stand for, the basic idea is simple: In a TFP shoot, no money changes hands. The model doesn’t get an hourly or session fee, and the photographer doesn’t get an hourly fee, a session fee, or any pay for providing the model with prints and/or digital images (the “CD” part – usually the model gets a CD-R with her image selection burned onto it.) All participants are doing the shoot in hopes of getting good quality images for their portfolios, which they can use for self-promotion to get more, and hopefully paying, work.

Do You Need To Book A Session?

Ideally, Yes you should.

If you need a Photographer to do an urgent shoot, or your booked Photographer cancels, do not hesistate to call.


Am I Expensive?

In relation to other photographers in the industry, no.

However don't expect a full day of my time, experience and equipment to cost you $250.

If you are on a budget, please contact me so we may discuss your individual requirements. The packages offered are designed to give you an "In The Box" solution to your event. Lets talk and discuss what you can afford and what I can deliver, I also offer an instalment plan so you may pay your event off over a period of months - Interest Free!


Am I A Blue Card Holder Issued By The Commision For Children and Young People In Queensland?
Yes. I am a current Blue Card holder in the State of Queensland.


What Do I Photograph?

Portraits - Individual and Families
Sporting Events
Public Events - Concerts, Public Festivals, Field Days etc.
Photo Journalism - Want a story told in images; then I'm your photographer.


Are You A Make Up Artist (MUA)?
Then I need you for TFP and Portrait assignments. Renumeration or a contract agreement is available. Student MUA's are welcome to join the team. Please use the Contact page to send me an enquiry.