My Apologies

As you have no doubt ascertained, I am in the process of updating my Website, and it is still a work in progress 🙂

Being a naturally intuitive type of personality I am constantly thinking of ways to improve the appearance of the site and as such during this period some previously posted links may now be broken!

Do not despair though as all the Galleries are still there. Navigate to and follow the thumbnails to your desired Image Gallery.


History Alive 2019

This past weekend I was privileged to be the Photographic Coordinator and supplier of the Photo Booth at this great event.

History Alive is a combination of activities of the Roman, Viking, Medieval, Napoleonic, Colonial, Victorian and Modern Eras that appeal to all ages!

History Alive 2019

Construction complete!

After a long and exhaustive process I have finally decided upon my website hosting, blog software, and web publishing packages.

I am now in the process in updating my Galleries on the website, for while I did not have a huge online presence – read that as NO presence – I was still madly creating images.